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We are a company with a 15 year presence in the Asian market, and we are recognized in Latin America as service consultants.

UGO in China offers high quality translation services to importers and exporters. We provide translators, guides, simultaneous interpreting, and can arrange business trips to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are able to translate Chinese <> English <> French <> German <> Spanish for catalogues, brochures, labels, design packaging, security holograms and more.

We provide full market research services, which is the perfect solution for you as an importer or exporter doing business in China.

Get advice and assistance from the start of your enquiry to the final destination of your products. We ensure the quality control and lead time for delivery, dealing closely with suppliers.

International Trade Providers

Your designated representative from UGO in China will visit the international fairs, factories, industrial centers, suppliers and distributors, to suit the nature of your specific market.

If you decide to have direct contact with suppliers, you can have a UGO in China translator, who can accompany you and advise you on your purchases.

Negotiation Advice

We can advise about payment conditions and key details on the import process, processing letters of credit, delivery time and writing the terms and conditions.

We will take care of all your concerns regarding imports, for your convenience.

Group Travel to Asia

We arrange business trips for groups of business people interested in buying direct from China.